Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mr. Michi

I am the type of person who requires games, wagers and consequences to complete a project or reach a goal. I literally have to be bribed into doing something. It's not that I don't want to do it, but I need that extra push or bribe to motivate me. Funny story, my Freshman year of high school I was trying to decide it I should play softball for Falcon or volleyball at Calhan. I wasn't the best volleyball player, but on the other hand playing softball for another school was a little intimidating. My dad bribed me with a new car stereo to play volleyball. He must have known (before I even figured it out) that I run off of bribes. 

Does anyone else click this way? I now a couple of people that once they declare they are going to do something they do it till the end giving it their all, no questions asked. Oh how I wish it was this easy for me. I declare I am going to (insert current flavor of the month here) and whala it's done!  Ha, ya right! 

Here are some of the games I have going on right now.

In order to motivate myself, and more importantly to get Preston involved, I came up with the Poop Game. The rules are each week poop has to be picked up by Thursday. If it is your week and you forget you owe the other person $20. So far I have payed Preston $40 and he has payed me $20.

As you recall, I came up with the grand idea of starting the Weight Loss Competition Game at work to help motivate me to shed the last couple of pounds (a couple has now turned into 10). As you recall I lost and ended up putting $25 or $30 into the pot. We started round two last week. I am hoping to have better results this go around!

In order to complete the tasks that I put off forever and ever, but really need to do like go to the dentist a friend at work and I came up with the Points Game. Each month we make a list of tasks, to do items, appointments, etc. that we want to complete and assign a point to them (1-5). By the stated date each of us has to of accululated "x" number of points. It we both reach the goal then we get to go out to dinner together. If one person does not reach the stated point goal then they have to pay for the entire dinner and the winner gets to pick the restaurant. So far we both have made our goals. In fact, this month I have to accumulate 23 points. I reached the goal last weekend with about 3 weeks to spare. I tell ya, lists really work for me

The other projects that I have going on that I do not have a game associated with are complete Insanity, finish Little Bee and start the Photography Class on Thursday. 

Because I am absolutely crazy I convinced another coworker to do the Barbie Decker Eat Clean Challenge with me. So for the next 10 days we can only eat food items from the top 2 tiers of Michi's Ladder. This means no alcohol, pop or Starbucks along with candy and other bad foods. Click here to view Michi's Ladder. The list is actually pretty restrictive. We are allowing one cheat meal. If we eat something not on tiear 1 or 2 there is a consequence that is too embarrassing to even post on here. I am pretty sure you will know if I mess up!

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