Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stuffy, Smelly, Dark Work Out

I had a little freak out moment today, but I am better now. You see I realized that The Cure 5k is this Sunday. I was really hoping that the gal I am running it with would back out. Then I got an email this morning confirming that we were still on. YIKES!!!!!! I haven't worked out since Friday. I wanted to crawl in a hole and not come out until Monday.

Long story short I got home and got the case of the lazies. I begged Preston to tell me it would be okay if I didn't work out tonight. In his own way he told me the world wouldn't end, but that my race time might suffer. Well crap I knew he was right, as usual. Side Note: I have no problem admitting that Preston is always right. I have no idea how he does it, but he knows a little about a lot of things. I rarely win a bet and when I do I have to gloat in my glory for an annoyingly long period of time because it is guaranteed I will not win another bet for quite some time. He also has this amazing gift of giving great advice. Honestly he could be the next Dear Abby.

So I finally convinced myself to get off the couch and workout. As you all know I started Insanity, but with the race less than a week away I started to worry that I wouldn't be ready. So instead I headed down to the Gold's Gym on Powers and Palmer Park to run on the treadmill. Insanity is a great work out and I plan on continuing the program, but honestly I am a little hesitant if I will be prepared for the 5k. I think I will feel a lot better if I run on the treadmill the remaining days up until the 5k. If I was a real go getter I would do Insanity in the morning and run on the treadmill at night, but honestly I don't think I have it in me.

Let me put out this warning, DO NOT GO TO THE  GOLD'S GYM ON POWERS AND PALMER PARK until after they officially open in October.  This is why:

1. The temporary gym is actually a very small room unattached to the other "workout" room. Odd.
2. The room must have been apart of the next door Chinese Restruant becuase the wall separating the two is very thin and not completely finished.
3. The Chinese food smell is very overwhelming.
4. It is very, very hot and stuffy which does not help with number 3. 

Yes I ran on the treadmill, in a small stuffy room, next to a smelly Chinese Restruant, with not lights. Need I say more? I really wish I would have taken a picture so you would believe me.

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