Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Determination & Focus = Dirty House

Since I have started focusing on working out and eating healthy, I have let some other things go by the wayside. For instance:
  1. Cleaning or picking up the house
  2. Reading an actual book
Okay well these are the only two things that come to mind, but seriously the house needs to be cleaned! I have started week two of P90X. This morning I did Plyometrics at the gym. I love doing this workout at the gym because I have the entire exercise room to myself and it is fun looking at all my new muscles in the mirrors. Speaking of muscles, I might actually have some! My calves, thighs, arms and shoulders are more defined. And I am starting the see a very slight outline of abs. This afternoon, Ashley and I met at the gym to swim. We decided to swim for an hour; we usually only swim for about 30 minutes. We calculated that we swam 1 mile. By the end, we were both dog tired! I think we burned around 600 calories, but this is not an exact number because the BodyBugg cannot go in water. Ashley and I are on the hunt for a non-expensive watch that can count calories in the water. Is there even such a thing? Anyways, assuming I burned 600 calories in the water my calories deficit for today will be 1438!! Wow!! Just to be clear, I ate 1509 calories today so yes I am eating. I cannot wait to weight myself tomorrow!!! I am hoping for a big number! :)

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