Sunday, March 14, 2010

My First 5K

Yesterday I ran my very first 5K (or outdoor race for that matter). I was terrified! Luckily a lot of good friends were running it also so I wasn't going at it alone. The race started out easy. My adrenaline was pumping and my legs felt great. We ran our first mile in 8:30. Looking back, this was a little fast for Ashley and I. The second mile Erin found her pace and started to pass people. Ashley and I stayed back trying to find ours. The hard part set in towards the end of the second mile. At one point I told Ashley DO NOT LET ME WALK! We were gasping for our breath and trying to use our arms. Towards the end Ashley picked it up while I was still convincing myself that I didn't need to walk. Once I could see the finish line I kicked as hard as I could and I sprinted the last little bit. I was focusing so intensely on finishing the race strong that I forgot to look at my time on the big display! This made me a little uneasy for the rest of the day because I had no idea where I finished; if I was 10 seconds behind Ashley or one minute behind Ashley. My initial goal was to keep up with Erin, but her long legs, fast pace and hard core determination was too much for me! My second goal was to finish the race under 30 minutes. After I crossed the finish line I saw Dan. It was so nice of him to wait for us and thank god because Ashley said she almost blacked out. Looking back I really enjoyed the experience and I will probably run another 5K, possibly the Take 5 In The Garden. I ran my very first 5K in 28:21!!! Which means on average I ran each mile in the 9 minute range! Ashly did a great job and ran it in 28:15!!
Place Name               Age City/state            Guntime   Bib#
193 Lori Hollis         27 Colorado Springs CO     28:21.45  1220


Place Name                 Age City/state          Guntime   Bib#
44 Lori Hollis           27 Colorado Springs CO   28:21.45  1220

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