Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nerve-Racking, Puke Engaging Decision...

The big number that I was hoping and wishing for actually appeared on the scale this morning... -1.2 pounds!! Tonight when I was doing Shoulders and Arms I was mesmerized by all of the muscles flexing and popping out. Next week I am going to record myself doing this workout so you can all see the awesome results I am getting instead of just taking my word for it. Now for some very scary news... I am going to run in the St. Patricks 5K this Saturday. I am soo freakin nervous. I got butterflies today just thinking about it; imagine what I am going to be like the day of the race! Luckily, some friends are also competing in the race so I won't be alone (I don't think that I am at the caliber to state that I am competing in this race; however, I am a little worried that my friends might be. Note to self, probably not the best idea to run my first "K" with seasoned professionals!). Anyways, Ashley is very worried about frozen lungs? Does anyone know what this is? I obviously have no idea what she is talking about but apparently it is the worst feeling in the world. She actually wished it upon me that I get frozen lungs on Saturday just so I know what she is talking about. I reminded her that if I have frozen lunges on Saturday then more than likely she will too. Here is what I am worried about. 1) Pacing myself- I won't have a treadmill updating me on how fast I am running each mile or how many miles I have left. 2) What if I have to walk? I think I might just die if I have to walk part of the race. I mean Ashley and I haven't been working our butts off since January to walk! 3) What time should we show up? 4) How many layers of clothing is appropriate or just plain ridiculous? There is always a first for everything!

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