Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Odd Little Duck

My legs HURT! I feel like that is all I have been working lately. Ashley and I ran on the treadmill yesterday. I am happy to report that neither of us had the urge to puke nor did we fall (but the girl next to Ashley did). I ran/sprinted 3 miles in 29 minutes 20 seconds. I am pretty happy with this, but I have a long ways to go. I started mile one jogging at a 5.5 speed. I don't know why I put the speed in my posts, it's not like any of you know how fast or slow this is. In the second mile I sprinted 1/4 mile and jogged 1/4 mile and so on. I am pretty proud of myself. Ashley reminded me that 1/4 miles is one time around the track. This means that I sprinted a 400... twice! When I was on the track team my Freshman and Sophomore years I didn't have the stamina to sprint one lap around the track. Let's be honest, I had a hard time sprinting an entire 200. I was SSLLOOOOWW but more importantly I didn't know how to push myself past my comfort level. When I felt pain I pulled back instead of pushing through it. Instead of kicking as fast as I could at the end of the race I let up. The McCoins had me run a couple of different races to see where I fit in, but the truth is I was BAD. This time, I want to push myself past my limit and past the pain. I want to compete! The last mile I started out sprinting every other 18th of a mile, but in the end to keep from falling I switched to every 10th. All in all, a good, hard, mentally challenging workout. Sprinting 1/4 of a mile, without letting up, is a good accomplishment for me! I had big plans on getting up this morning and swimming. When my alarm went off at 6AM I knew there was no way in hell I was getting out of bed. Believe it or not, I made myself go to the gym after work. I should have done a round of P90X, but I guess I still have high hopes of Preston getting back into it with me and I don't want to move on without him. P90X would be cake if it weren't for the commitment (like everything else in life, right?). I had been wanting to try a group class, they always look full and full means a good class. So tonight I tried Body Sculpt or something like that. Boy was I out of place. Have you ever walked into something where everyone knew what was going on and what they were supposed to do, but you? People were getting steps and weights and mats and bars and more weights out of the closet. So what do you do when you have no idea what to do... you fake it! I grabbed anything and everything I could get my hands on. Luckily, the lady next to me was an expert and nice enough to help me. She asked if I lifted weights and I said yes, I mean I do do P90X. She asked if I lifted often and I said yes. Well technically the last P90X workout I did was probably two weeks ago, but still. So she told me how much weight to put on my bar and when to add and take off weight. Let me tell you this, she gave me too much credit!! At times the weight was too much, but to save face and my youthful persona I grunted through it. The class was interesting. We did legs, tricepts, bicepts, shoulders and some abs. I know I will go back at least once since I now have a handle on how the class is run, but something was off. I can't quite but my finger on it. I think what got me is the instructor said okay push up time. I LOVE push ups. In kickboxing Deb would kick our butts with push ups and in P90X Toney kicks your butt in push ups. But this lady didn't. She didn't push us. We might have done maybe 10 and the ladies and two men in the room were groaning like this was a lot. Deb if you are reading this I MISS YOUR PUSH UPS! With me I want the instructor to yell and threaten that I and anyone else in the class better not quit. This lady was too mellow for me. So I guess it wasn't the class, but the personality of the instructor. Not to mention that she sounded like she smoked. You can't smoke if your are going to teach others how to be fit!!! My opinion.

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