Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being Your Own Cheerleader

Today I found out that if you push yourself past your comfort level and literally become your own cheerleader, you can do anything. This evening, Ashley and I did an hour long spinning class at the gym. We decided to try a different instructor. The class was surprisingly packed. About half way into the workout we realized why. This instructor took a lot of breaks; more than our British gal allowed. The workout was different and had some new elements like climbs, but it was not as intense as we were used to. After the class we decided to see what if felt like to run a mile on the treadmill. Our legs and calves felt so tight and sore that at 1/5 of a mile into it I really, really wanted to quit. 1) I knew I couldn't quit before Ashley. Have I told you how competitive we are? We both look at each others speed to make sure we are not being out worked. 2) I am going to have to swim 1/2 mile then bike 11 miles then run 3 miles so I CAN'T QUIT, QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION 3) Really, I can't make it just one little mile? All of these thoughts were going through my head. I kept telling myself over and over, you're almost there, just hang in, you can do it, it doesn't hurt that bad, keep it up. I was my own cheerleader cheering me along. Before I knew it I was at 3/4 mile. I upped the speed to 6.8, not because my legs loosened up but because I wanted to get the mile over with! At .80 of a mile I upped my speed to 6.9 and the last 1/10 of a mile I was sprinting at a 7. Much to our amazement we ran the mile in 9 minutes and 20 seconds! Remember the goal I set awhile back? I decided I wanted to run the three miles each in eight minutes. I picked this number out of thin air, not realizing how hard of a goal I just set for myself. But you know what, I just might be able to reach it!! It is amazing what you can accomplish when you are your own cheerleader. You can't rely on outside factors to motivate you or push you along. YOU have to be the one who believes in yourself and cheers you along as you reach the milestones that you have set out in your life. Tomorrow, Preston and I are going car shopping in Denver so I think I am going to take a day off from working out. Hopefully we can find an SUV at the right price and come home with a new vehicle!! I'll post a picture if we find one.

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