Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Decisions that Led Me to New Strengths

I was pleasantly surprised the other day, when I was doing the P90X Plyometrics workout, at how much more in shape I felt than just 3 short months ago. I was actually keeping up with the workout and I wasn't gasping for breath. The next day Preston talked me into doing the dreaded Yoga X. When I first tried this workout a couple of months ago I immediately said forget it. And I never did it again. This time I actually completed the entire 1 hour and 30 minute workout! Not only did I finish it, but I was able to hold most of the positions for the entire time. These last couple of days I have been reflecting on how I got to this new stage of fitness that seemed to have happened overnight. What I did along the way to get to here and where I want this fitness journey to take me and what that end result should look like. (Can you tell that I am very goal orientated. I credit this to my boss who has taught me a lot about defining goals.) Looking back, I believe that I have made 5 instrumental decisions that has lead me to find this new strength. 1. Buying P90X: this workout program literally got me off of the couch and back into a workout regimen. The great thing about P90X is it kicks my butt, but for whatever reason I do not dread the workouts. 2. Becoming a Beachbody Coach: by taking on the Coach status I have become more accountable to my workout schedule and eating habits. Plus I have been able to help others find their drive again, including my husband. 3. Agreeing to Compete in a Triathlon August 1, 2010: because of this commitment I have trained and pushed myself like never before. I am actually running on a treadmill. Before, I never imagined I could run 3 miles without stopping. Now I am running, doing spinning classes and swimming half miles with stopping! It feels great to have that competitive drive again, something that was certainly missing in my life before. 4. Dedication to Cardio: I joined a gym in January so I could do more cardio and train for the triathlon. Don't get me wrong, P90X is assisting me in my training but I still need to get in swimming, biking and running. The gym has allowed me to focus on these three areas. I believe that the extra cardio has helped me immensely in the P90X workouts. 5. Working out in the Mornings: never before did I believe I could get up before the sun was out and go to the gym. This has been by far the best butt kicking decision I have ever made. My workouts in the morning are focused, I don't have to be worry about not having enough time in the evenings and I have a lot more energy at work and throughout the day. The mornings that I do not go to the gym, I become tired around 1 or 2pm and the day just drags by. I am enjoying this fitness journey and it is truly a passion and hobby of mine. Preston has billiards and I am happy to say that I have fitness. The end result, or rather objective as end result implies that I will be working towards and then stopping completely with something, is this. Mind you I am still working on defining these. - to be as strong, healthy and fit as I am able - motivate others to find their drive again If you would like more information on workouts such as P90X please feel free to email me at or contact me on Facebook. You can also view my Beachbody website at:

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