Sunday, February 28, 2010

Destination Lincoln, Nebraska

Ashley and I drove 8 hours to attend the Beachbody Game Plan Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. We had a great time and learned a lot of new information about Beachbody products. My main motivation to drive all that way was to try the new Shakeology replacement shake. They have two flavors: Greenberry and Chocolate. I was torn on which flavor I would like. After sampling both, Ashley and I both agreed on the Chocolate. We ordered our first months supply today! Ashley is going to use it to replace dinner on her long workdays and I am going to use it to replace lunch at work. If you have never heard of Shakeology, check out my website and see what all the hype is about!
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While we were in town for the conference we were able to enjoy the quirky town of Lincoln. 1. Keno is everywhere! This is Ashley's winning ticket. She won 50¢ (or lost $5.50 depending on how you look at it)! My Keno tickets. Ashley's Keno tickets. 2. People read novels... at the bars! 3. The bars close at 1AM and there is no bar time. 4. The legendary Zoo Bar is in Lincoln, Nebraska. Ashley in front of the bar. 5. Ashley ate a lot of fake food on this trip. This is hard to see, but Ashely ordered a chicken sandwich and we couldn't tell if it was chicken or fish. It was the fakest chicken we have ever seen!! 6. Rich. We met a man, who owned a mountain, who's mountain had uranium in it which upped the value of his mountain to $35 million. The mountain is in Colorado Springs! The mountain is Broadmoor Bluffs! Ashley and I had a good laugh at this for most of the night. 7. The University of Nebraska. Eat More Corn!! 8. Ashley found her Big Hunk in Nebraska! The "Big Hunk" gas station.

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