Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Work Weight Loss Challenge

The Work weight Loss Challenge has officially started! Sadly, most of us at work put on the pounds that we ended up losing in the last challenge. For me, going to the lake every weekend and eating unhealthy camp food, drinking beer and the most amazing mixed drink on the planet (Diet Dr. Pepper and Cocoanut Rum) I put on some weight. Like more than I would like to admit. Now that summer is basically over and the boat will be winterized soon, it's time to get back into the gym on a more regular basis and start eating healthy.

{The Plan} 
  • Grocery shop once a week
    • The goal is to eliminate wasted food. 
    • Buy only what we need for the week.
    • Cut back on spending.
  • Plan weekly meals
    • For me the key to eating healthy is having a plan and not winging it in the kitchen.
    • This will also make grocery shopping easier. 
    • Some may find this odd, but Preston and I do not eat the same dinner. When he is eating healthy, he tends to eat more eggs, pasta and red meat. I actually enjoy eating this way, I no longer feel like I have to eat meals that Preston likes and vise versa. Added bonus, Preston does not rely on me to cook! He is totally self-sufficient. 
  • Stick to a workout regimen
    • Now that I finished my last planned race, I feel like I can focus on a more balance workout to include lifting.
    • I have decided to try the The New rules of Lifting for Women workout.
  • One cheat meal per week
    • This means one cheat meal, not an entire day.

To win the Challenge I must lose 5lbs in six weeks. I originally thought this would be easy, but I am up 1lb and had to put in my $5 into the pot. Not a good start! Now I must lose 6lbs in 5 weeks. It's time to get focused! 


  1. I'm right there with you! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Em! Do me a favor and make sure J & M eat and drink a ton!!! haha :)