Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fighting Like Hell

The weight that I have progressily put on over the summer because I lived at the lake and fell in love with this wonderful drink...
Mixed with this...
is so freakin hard to get off. It's so frustrating that I let myself put on the extra 7-10 pounds. I knew I was gaining weight, but I decided to ignore it. Well when your pants start to fit tight you can't really ignore it anymore. When I gain weight I tend to become very introverted. I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to stay at home and clean the house.  I have no idea why I get the urge to clean.

I am fighting like hell to reach 133. But fighting sucks. It's hard. Take this week for example. P and I went grocery shopping, planned our meals and have cooked dinner every night since Sunday. I ran the Race for the Cure 5k on Sunday. Went to the gym and lifted on Monday. Then Tuesday came. The first weigh in our work weight loss group. I actually gained. Okay I know why I gained (family in town = dinner, drinks, breakfast).

Ever since Tuesday I have had a hard time fighting. On Tuesday I told myself I was too sore to run. On Wednesday I told myself I was too tired to go to the gym. Today, I was so hungry I told myself it was okay to get Chick-fil-A. WTF! I am my worst enemy!!

So how do you get motivated? Obviously I have not figured this out. I know I am a competitive person and like to win so I gathered the gals at the office and started the weight loss challenge. But at the moment it's not enough. When I wake up on the morning and try to find cloths to wear I get frustrated cause they are all tight. But that's not enough. 

I want to be one of those people whose day fills out of whack if they don't go to the gym. I want to crave sweet. I want to see results. I.don' My only option is to keep fighting like hell.  

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