Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gym Shorts in Yoga Class?

It was turning into one of those afternoons. In my mind I was already coming up with a million reason excuses why I should skip the gym tonight. 1. I stuck to my meal plan today 2. I lost 5lbs 3. I worked out Monday and ran Jack Quinn's with the sister yesterday 4. I was tired 5. Preston didn't have pool.

I knew the excuses were starting to take over. I had to do something quick. I jumped onto Lifetime and started looking for a group class. Zumba wasn't for another 3 hours. Actually the only group class taking place right after work was beginners yoga. Yoga. Hmm. I had never done yoga with an instructor. Unless you count P90X Yoga with Tony Horton in my living room. But in a yoga studio with other yogi's around? Never.

Without another thought I said I'm doing this. I didn't allow myself to think twice about it until I got in my car. Then I began to freak out! What am I getting myself into! Is this even considered a workout? I don't have a mat or gym pants. OMG I have shorts for God's sake. I am going to be the only yahoo in the class wearing gym shorts. They are all going to look at me and think doesn't she know you don't wear shorts to yoga!?

So in my shorts I make my way to the yogi studio. I choose my spot very carefully... the very back of the room in the corner. I am happy to see community mats with a bunch of other equipment that I have never scene before. I grab a mat, a block and settle into my corner.

Matt and Block
My Corner

I was so busy taking secretive pictures that I almost forgot that you don't wear shoes or socks when doing yoga. I put my shoes in the cubbie and wait for the 60 minute class to start....

I had such a great experience. The instructor was informative and made us feel welcome. She emphasized that yoga is our practice. We are not in competition with our neighbors. It is about what our bodies can do and doing we feel comfortable doing.

During the class we focused on our breathing, poses with even some meditation. It was perfect. I didn't get bored of the poses or frustrated with my inflexibility. And let me tell you I rocked it! All because of the dreaded P90X Yoga and crazy Insanity moves.

It's easy to train, lift and run forgetting to properly take care of your body. My goal is to be more diligent in stretching, work on strengthening my core and  incorporate yoga into my workouts.  

Oh ya I almost forgot to tell you, there was another girl in class wearing shorts. Ha, I'm not the only yahoo!

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