Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Swim Story

I went to the gym today!!! You have no idea how good I feel about myself. I have been craving the gym for about a month now. Sometimes good ol' fashion running or swimming sounds fun. Today I swam. Tomorrow I am going to pick up my cool new running shoes. Next year (25 days to be exact), is going to be all about running; so much that I am naming my new kicks. Their name "Ocho Cinco". You'll understand once I show you a picture of them (or maybe you won't, I don't know).

The Hustler also played a hand in motivating me to get back to the gym. He and his BFF have been getting up in the morning to play racquetball/basketball. This goes to show what working out with a friend does to your motivation and accountability. I tell ya, The Huster literally jumps out of bed at 5:30AM in the freaking morning!! He hasn't missed a day yet! 

Moral of the story: workout with a partner.

Back to the swim. My swim was great, that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the lady who runs the pool at the gym. I call her the Pool Nazi. Honestly. Today she was giving swim lessons when I was about to jump into the water. Knowing that she is the Pool Nazi I immediately turned right back around and showered off before I got into the water. But even after I wash off and am dripping wet she still calls out to me, "You must shower from head to toe." Apparently my hair wasn't wet. Seriously lady!? Pool Nazi! 

That's not all. As I was relaxing in the hot tub I couldn't help but notice that Pool Nazi was teaching a new lesson to a group of 5 little girls. Pool Nazi was extremely MEAN!! Okay maybe I am exaggerating with the word mean. I think it had to do more with her tone (I sound like my mom- watch your tone). Anyways,the little girls where practicing their wall starts. She told the next girl in line "GO" and when the girl didn't move the Pool Nazi yelled "GO" in a very annoyed, very loud voice. Okay either the girl didn't hear you the first time or she was nervous and trying to psych herself up and froze.  There were a lot more instances, but I am a bad story teller so just take my word for it okay? 

I wish someone would tell Pool Nazi that these are little girls, who probably based on their experience in your swim class may or may not ever take another swim lesson again. Because of you they will either love swimming or hate swimming. Your job, Pool Nazi, is to teach them the fundamentals of swimming while allowing them to have some fun without yelling at them and shamming them! I doesn't sound very hard to me. But then again she is the Pool Nazi.


  1. amen. you're so inspirational. and yes, yes you do have to drink to have fun in a social setting ;) Love ya, Megan