Friday, December 3, 2010

My Moment

Today's #reverb 10:

December 3 – Moment.
Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).
(Author: Ali Edwards)

Hands down the #1 highlight of my year was competing in The Tri For The Cure Triathlon. This moment was absolutely amazing! I was so happy I got to share this moment with my BFF and family.

This day happened all too fast, but let me try to recreate it. It started with my BFF and I getting up at an ungodly hour to find a parking spot and most importantly the perfect transition spot. We meticulously set-up camp and nervously waited for our heat to be called.

I remember standing in our heat line edging closer and closer to the water waving frantically at Ashley's dad. Before we knew it we were in the cold, murky green water counting down... 10,9,8... At 1 I plunged into the water kicking and swimming as fast as I could to distance myself from the pack. I had no idea where Ashley was or if I was making any progress. My goggles quickly fogged up and the bright blare from the sun made it difficult to navigate in the water. At times I would have to stop to maneuver around a stagnate swimmer. When I was training I imagined getting ahead of the slow swimmers and having no problem. But I didn't anticipate catching up to the nearly drowning swimmers from the prior heat. At times I would take a stroke and end up hitting a fellow swimmer. For the first half of the course I couldn't see much due to my crappy goggles and the sun. I had to stop and pop my head out of the water to make sure I wasn't swimming in circles- a huge fear of mine! After I passed the last turn I knew I was so close to home. I stepped up my stroke by giving myself a little pep talk, but for the most part I kept hitting people. I finally got out of the water and ran as fast as I could to my flip flops tearing off my swim cap.

I got back to my transition station and threw on my bike shorts, shirt, socks and shoes, bike helmet and glasses and waited for Ashley. I remember saying to myself come on Ashley, come on Ashley. I knew she was close behind me, but I was getting nervous. I then saw her and we decided I would go ahead of her and she would catch up to me. 

I took off with my bike and ran. Once I jumped on I thought crap I forgot to adjust my bike pedal straps. They weren't tight enough so I couldn't pull and push as well as I would have liked to be able to. I peddled as fast as my legs would let me trying to pass one person after another. The bike portion of the race was amazing. It was so calming. I tried to take everything in as I biked by it. My only fear was not finding Ashley and getting a flat tire. Every person I saw on the side of rode fixing a tire I made sure wasn't Ashley, because I knew she would need my help if it was her. Luckily, we both made it through the bike portion without any problems!

I made it back to my transition station and put on my running hat and waited for Ashley. I didn't have to wait long, she was right behind me. We took off for the run realizing that this was the last leg of the race and we were almost done. What a relief! 

The run was grueling hard! At the very beginning our legs were heavy like concrete. It took everything we had to put one foot in front of the other. From the very beginning we said we wouldn't walk at all. We kept true to our word. The first part of the run was mostly uphill up the damn. Seeing The Hustler and my sister and Mr. and my parents was probably the best part of the race. It gave me a splurge of energy I didn't know I had left in me to jolt through the finish line. 

Crossing the line was the best feeling I have ever experienced. All I could think was we did it. We just completed our first triathlon!! We are triathletes!!! I was so overjoyed and extremely proud of myself!! I was so happy I could experience this wonderful moment with my best friend and family that came to support and cheer us on! 
Ashley and I after the race.
Ashley and I will start training for this same triathlon and a 1/2 marathon in January. I cannot wait to relive this experience. Anyone want to join us?

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