Thursday, April 22, 2010


First things first. I sent my iPhone to a "repair" shop in Ft. Collins to get the screen and LCD plate fixed (I broke it last week). The "Tech" guy was super nice and emailed me multiple times and has kept me updated, until now. It turned sketch when he asked for my phone password. He said they needed it to run one last test. So I gave it to him. Then he emailed and said the LCD plate is not working due to the impact and that I should try and take it to Apple. I emailed back and said ok will do. That was Tuesday. I haven't heard from him since. I emailed him again yesterday and nothing... His emails have the company name, address and phone number plus the company has a website so it all seems legit to me. I am giving him one more day and then I am sicking Preston on his ass! I really don't think the "Tech" guy is stealing my phone, but I would like it back sometime this week!

On another note, I have been a gym rat lately. I ran on the treadmill Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have lost 2.8 pounds since my breakdown the other night. Today I planned on taking the day off, but due to Preston golfing and eating some bad food at work (we had Panera and Biaggi's catered in for an event we had today) I decided I needed to work some of it off. Luckily Ashley planned on going as well and she let me borrow her swimming gear. I ended up swimming 1 mile without stopping!!! I didn't officially time myself, but Ashley and I think I swam it in 30 to 35 minutes!! Pretty excited about this, not gonna lie!

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