Monday, April 26, 2010

How to Cure Soreness?

I am extremely sore from yesterdays Incline workout. Actually I think what made me sore was the run down the trail. My ankles and shins are on fire. 

So what do I do to cure the soreness? The answer is RUN! Today I decided to run on the treadmill in addition to the P90X Chest, Back and Ab workout. I am a little worried about the 5K this Saturday at the Garden of the Gods so I have been running as much as possible to prepare.

I am really proud of the effort I gave on the treadmill today. I ran the 3.2 miles at a speed of 6.7 and higher (I usually run it at 6.5 with little increases at the end). I finished the 5K in 28 minutes which is my personal best on the treadmill. I then pushed through the P90X workouts. I have eaten pretty good today (as long as we don't count the Grande Non-Fat Vanilla Late and Arizona Tea). For dinner I made a Black Bean Tostada from the Clean Eating Magazine. It was actually really good! 

Here is the recipe and nutrition info: 

- 1 cup cooked black beans 
- 1 tsp chipotle pepper, minced (I could not find this) 
- 1/2 tsp cumin, ground - 2 tsp fresh lime juice, divided 
- 1/2 cup frozen corn kernels, thawed
- 1 multigrain sandwich thin, toasted (I forgot to toast)
- 1 oz low-fat cheddar cheese, grated
- 1 cup frisee, wash, dried and torn (no idea what this is)
- 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved (I added red onions and the green Tabasco for extra flavor) Instructions

1. In a food processor or medium bowl, puree or mash beans. Add chipotle, cumin, chile powder, and 1 tsp lime juice and mix. Add bean mixture to small pan and warm (be careful not to burn).
2. warm corn in another pan.
3. Divide bean mixture between 2 halves. Top with other ingredients.

Nutrients per 2 open-faced sandwiches
Calories 467 Total Fat 4 g Sat. Fat 2 g Monounsaturated Fat 1 g Polyunsaturated Fat 1 g Carbs 82 g Fiber 25 g sugars 9 g Protein 31 g Sodium 399 mg Cholesterol 6 mg

Tomorrow is day one of the Triathlon Training. I am also starting the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse. I will write more about what the cleanse involves tomorrow.

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