Thursday, May 27, 2010

Personal Best

Two, okay let's be honest, almost three weeks of not working out really makes it hard to get back into the swing of things. I forced myself to go to the gym on Tuesday to run.

Thinking that I would be at the same level of fitness I cranked the speed on the treadmill to 6.5 thinking that running 3.2 miles would be no problem. I made it to 2 miles without stopping... barely. I had to walk/job the last mile. I was pretty dissappointed in myself for 1) thinking I would be in the same shape as I was at three weeks ago and 2) allowing my endurance level to fall. I went home a little defeated.

The happy ending of this story is even though I wasn't able to run the entire 3 miles I still lost 1.6 pounds! Last night I did the Incline with Erica who is Ashley's family member and lives in California. Erica is a trooper and hard core! Most people would have let the altitute beat them down, but Erica gave it everything she had and finished strong and before me!! She had a great time!

I made it up the Incline (from the very bottom) in 37:19. This is my personal best!!! Oh ya, I pushed myself so hard at the very end I actually puked at the top. My next goal is to get to the top in under 36 minutes!

P.S. I am only 1.2lbs away from losing 10lbs!!!

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