Saturday, May 8, 2010

Augusta's First Incline!

This morning, on the incline, was full of new experiences...
New Experience #1

Augusta went up the incline and down Bar Trial for the first time! She did really good and had a great time (in my opinion)! I kept her on the leash for most of the incline due to her bundle of energy, curiosity of the new surroundings and my fear of her running under the other goers. She wasn't too fond of the metal tubes and even refused to move. Jackie and I had to pick her up and plop her onto the next step a couple of times. Once we got past the false summit and most of the people I took her leash off. She did an amazing job. She would go up a couple of steps and then turn around and wait for me. With a little more practice she won't even need a leash. Augusta finished her first incline in about 28 minutes!! I was a little worried that she wouldn't have enough energy or legs left for the run down Bar Trial. Boy was I wrong! She ran her little legs off! She would run to Jackie, then back to me, then back to Jackie.

This is nap #1. She is now on nap #2.  

New Experience #2  
Jackie and I decided to start at the very bottom of the incline. We usually hike up to the incline from the parking lot and start there. The extra steps added a new element of difficulty. My goal this morning was to reach the top in 39 minutes. Goal achieved! I reached the top in 38:11. Yes, Augusta beat me!  

New Experience #3 
If you run down Bar Trial, tripping over a rock or your feet is just a matter of time. Well today was my day to fall. All of a sudden I go flying through the air and do a perfect volleyball dive. I skinned up my hand and my entire right side of my body is pretty sore. I am going to have some killer bruises. I am not gonna lie, it shook me up a little bit. Oh ya, I also landed in dog poop. I even had some on my face! I hope this fall makes me more fearless and not fearful!

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