Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Work Weight Loss Challenge Update

We only have 2 weeks left in the Work Weight Loss Challenge! I am doing great. Especially since I started the "Live-It" way of eating. I am below my stated goal weight which tells me that I took the easy way out and didn't set a goal that would push me. At the end of the challenge I have to be at or below 135.2lbs. Currently I am at 134.6lbs. Assuming I stick to my eating plan, this will be a cake in the park and part of the pot will be mine!!

I am betting that I will have to share the pot with 2, maybe 3, other people. I am only expecting to get back around $30 thus winning $15. If this is what it takes for me to lose weight, winning $15, then so be it. Sign me up!

Today I was a little challenged by my "diet." I believe my problem was I let myself go to long before I ate lunch. By then, I was starving and wanted to pig out. Luckily I had enough self control to eat my delicious lunch {Amy's Bean Soup} and nothing else. The day I can have fruit, might be the happiest day of my life!!! What a treat that will be!!

Did you know that Olive Oil is not that good for you!? I honestly had no idea. I thought it was the best oil option out there. Turns out when it is heated {like when you use it to stir fry} the heat completely changes the composition of the oil and makes it bad for you. I just read this in the Forks Over Knives book and on some blogs. But after Googling it, it seems that there are two distinct sides. Just to be safe I am going to try cooking with hydrogenated unrefined coconut oil.  

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