Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Result of an Unplanned Workout

Yesterday my workout involved the treadmill, a stationary row machine and an elliptical. I didn't feel like being at the gym so I thought I would mix it up to help get me through it.

My run on the treadmill didn't go so well. The big huge treadmill machine started wobbling around like crazy around mile 1. I have a tendency to run with pounding feet so that might have caused the treadmill to come unbalanced. I reluctantly pealed myself away from the Toddlers and Tiaras show (crazy show by the way) and jumped on another machine. By this time my running mojo was gone. I didn't last very long. I really wanted to go home. But since I had only been at the gym for like 10 minutes I started looking for another machine.    

 Enter the row machine. I was hoping to burn around 100 calories on the beast, but only lasted for probably around 8 minutes. I have such a hard time with stamina on this machine. Did you see those guy on The Biggest Loser going crazy on the row machine?? I about die every time I get on this machine. 

To end the dreadful workout I jumped on the "easy" elliptical. The last time I did the elliptical was in college. At that time in my life I was over weight and out of shape. I didn't believe that over weight people could run on a treadmill so I chose the elliptical. I remember hating it then and still hate it now. This is not a cake workout. My legs  and calves were on fire and I was winded the entire time.

As soon as I got to my 350 calorie burn I busted out of the gym. I am not sure why I had such a hard time. Maybe is was because I lacked a plan. Next time I go, I must have a plan. Period.

I am hoping that I will get some pointers from my personal trainer tomorrow!!! I stole Preston's paid for sessions, because it was driving me bat-shiznit crazy that he wasn't using them nor had any solid plans to do so. He is in major pool mode now. Plus what better way to get ready for the cruise and get in the best shape of my life! I am the type of person who needs someone to push me and teach me. I think I will strive in this setting. I am soo excited and freaking nervous. I cannot wait for the trashing I am going to get tomorrow!!! 

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