Thursday, October 6, 2011

{Personal Training Diaries}

This evening I had my first personal training session. I knew it was going to be tough, but I had lifted before, with some strong serious lifting dudes, so I thought I would do fairly well.

Enter Mr. Trainer Dude.

He kicked my ass. I have never felt so weak and sissy la-la in my entire life. This also tells me that I am not good at pushing myself to my limits when lifting on my own. Mr. Trainer Dude had me questioning my ability right off the bat with a 3 minute blank. Seriously who can do a 3 minute plank?! Then he asked me to do some ab exercises and I literally couldn't. This was a huge eye opener. My core is WEAK. There is nothing there.

I then worked my chest, shoulders and some lower back. Each exercise he pushed me to my max without compromising form. The goal of all this is to not only get stronger, but also know proper technique.

Workout Session 1:
Row 4 minute warm-up

Plank 3 minutes
Ab workout (similar to a P90X V-Up Roll Up)
Regular crunches
Crunch pulses with bar
Side Oblique crunces

Bench Press
Seated Row
Assisted Pull Ups
Butterfly Chest Machine Thingy
Ab workout holding feet up and bringing knees in
Elevated Row
Elevated Pull Down Bar Thingy
Push Ups on knees using ball
Side Planks

Ending with the Foam Roller 

I hope my P90X Recovery drink does its magical trick and makes me feel good as new tomorrow.

I noticed that in my workout I was parched the entire time. I need to make sure to drink more water throughout the day. Also, when I got home I wasn't hungry like at all. I need to switch up my meals and eat the salad with beans for lunch to make sure I get my vegetables and save the bean soup for dinner. It's also probably important to eat dinner.

One of the main reasons I am working with a personal trainer is to build my strength. I know lifting plays a vital part in my overall fitness level. I just don't have the knowledge or will power to do it.

I also have this goal on my 30 Before Thirty list to be in the best shape of my life. I knew that without help I wouldn't be able to reach this goal to the tone of best shape of my life. I feel like now is the right time to commit my time to a trainer. Preston's pool leagues have started, it's getting colder out, Ashley is Prego and I have this huge desire to be lean and toned all before I turn 30- in little over a year. For all of these reasons I decided to ask for help.

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