Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Need Cesar Millan

We kennel our dogs when we leave. We used to let me roam the house until Harley tour up our couches. After coming home to couch pillow stuffing everywhere and pillows outside we decided to start kenneling the dogs when we left.

It was the best decision ever. It seemed like they enjoyed the kennel and ran right into it.

Last week I got a new dinning room set from Craig's List {more on this later}. As a result, we moved the dog kennels downstairs. Today Preston came home from a trip to Pueblo {he works from home} and found Augusta waiting for him on the stars. Odd he thought as he knew he put both dogs in their kennels. He went downstairs to let Harley out and found that Augusta chewed her way out of her hard plastic kennel.
August's Kennel- lots of blood
Blood everywhere
How the hell does a dog chew themselves free from a kennel? What made her do this? Now what do we do? There was a lot of blood from her mouth. We can't let her chew her way out of another kennel. Any ideas/suggestions? Maybe Cesar Millan will read this and come to the rescue. Our thought process right now is to let Augusta roam the house {she has only chewed out of a dog kennel and fence} and keep Harley in the kennel. Will Harley become jealous? Please help!! We need ideas. Do you think she chewed out because we took the kennels downstairs?   

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  1. It's not uncommon for a dog to chew themselves out of a kennel like that, some dogs will chew their way through walls and doors. Sounds like Augusta may have what is termed "separation anxiety", if she doesn't chew anything in the house it should be okay for her to be out and around while Harley is in the kennel. Or you may try to leave her out of her kennel but keep her downstairs so neither dog is really alone. It is possible that she only chewed out because the kennels were downstairs and that she could be kenneled upstairs just fine. Unfortunately the only way to know would be to buy another kennel and move the dogs back upstairs and see if she chews through it again, which you may not want to do since it looks like she tore her mouth up quite a bit. If you have a webcam you could get a new kennel and move the dogs upstairs then set up the webcam and go somewhere you could watch the webcam but be able to make it home before she tears her mouth up if you notice she starts to chew herself out. I would NOT get a metal kennel, a lot of dogs will try to chew their way out of the metal kennel and break teeth off, which is no fun.

    My guess is that Augusta also had a hand (or paw) in tearing up the couch, I would talk to your vet about the possibility of separation anxiety and what the vet would recommend. If you want, I can send you the contact information for some Veterinary Behaviorists who specialize in dealing with behavior issues such as separation anxiety.