Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Post That I Have Been Avoiding

I am finally going to write about it. Actually put it on paper and admit it. Yikes! 

I am having a hard time eating healthy. 
I am having a hard time controlling how much I eat. 
I am obsessing over food.
I am eating out a lot.
I buying healthy groceries and then letting them rot in the fridge.
I am gaining weight. 
I am miserable.

I have such a bad relationship with food. I can't see food as simply energy or something that my body needs to live on. You know eat to live instead of live to eat. I dream about food and as soon a I eat one meal I am already thinking of the next. 

Enough ignoring the situation. I am stepping up and doing something about it. I'm not starting tomorrow, I started tonight. 

The only way I am going to succeed is acknowledging that summer activities are going to get in the way.  I want to continue to have a fun summer and induldge in some adult beverages. So I am not going to go all health-nut-psycho. But I am going to make better choices.

I know what foods are healthy and what foods I need to stay away from (Chick-fil-A, Monica's, Chocolate). So I am not going to say I am only eating salad or following this crazy diet. I know me and I know that by putting restrictions will lead me towards failure not success.

Starting Tonight
Mixing Shakeology, Water, Ice and 1/2 Frozen Banana
Chocolate Banana Shakeology

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