Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1 Day at a Time

Our Vegas Vacation is less than 3 weeks away! 

I have some bad news. I ran out of clean eating oomph and have eaten my share of Easter candy. Where's the focus man!?!? 

Instead of trying to focus for 16 days straight, I am going to take 1 day at a time. Sounds simple right?!?! 

Tomorrow's Game Plan 
1.   Weigh-In so I have a starting point {Frank-O and I have not been on speaking terms.}
2.  Absolutely NO Chocolate {This is going to be challenging. I just received delish-milk-chocolate-goodies in the mail.} 
3.  Drink 64 ounces of Water.
4.  Absolutely NO POP.
5.  Go to the GYM {even if my workout buddies cannot.} 

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