Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Race Calendar: 2011

Ashley and I officially have our race schedule set for 2011! Our goal is to run one race each month starting in March and ending in September.

The one exception is the month of May. Three major events are taking place in May- my little sis (who is all grown up now) graduates from college, Preston and I are going on vacation to... you guessed it Las Vegas and last but not least we have camping spots reserved at Pueblo Reservoir for Memorial Day! All of these events leave little to no room to train for a race.

At the beginning of the year Ashley and I talked about running a half marathon. We thought this would be our big 2011 fitness goal. But after reviewing our schedules, the half marathons available in non-freezing months and evaluating our true love to hate passion for running we decided to veto the half marathon. Maybe next year.

In its place we added... WARRIOR DASH!!!! This obstacle course type race will go down in Hollis/Fetter's history and be talked about for decades. Why do you ask? This will be Preston and Josh's first 5K!

I am already super excitednervous for the first race in March. It's more enjoyable and a little less nerve-racking to start a race with a pack of friends, let me know if you too are planning on running in any of the races!


  1. You guys forgot to add the last winter series race in 2 weeks.

  2. It's 5 miles!! You forgot to mention that! Oh ya and Ashley has a bum knee...

  3. Its a 10k, but real good run. Our you having sympathy pains for Ashley thats why your not going to run. LOL