Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fitness/Health Action Plan

A couple days ago I made my 2011 race calendar. Now the next step is to set some realistic fitness/health goals and then create tangable action items as to how I am going to achieve these goals.

Since the beginning of January I have allowed myself to "workout" willy-nilly. I know that if I want to reach my 2011 fitness goals I needed to create a plan on paper not in my head. I need to decided how many days a week I'm going to workout, what my training schedule is going to look like and what my eating habits are going to consist of. The last step is to decide how I am going to measure my progress and how often.

2011 Fitness Goals
* Be in the best shape of my life
What does this look like?
- The Number on the Scale
- Body Fat  
- Defined Abs
- Muscle Definition
- In Shape (faster time in triathlon)
* Compete in all the races on race schedule
*Goal weight 
*Do the Incline
*Do the Steps at the Air Force Academy
*Run Jack Quins at least once

If I achieve all 6 of these goals I will be one happy person!

Workout Plan
*Workout 5 days/week
*Good balance between cardio, core and weight training

~Action Item: create workout schedule on paper

*1 cheat meal per week
*Drink 4 bottles water per day
*Incorporate Green Tea into diet
*Cut back on pop
*Count Calories, Eat to Live, Michi's Ladder?

~Action Item: decide on diet, plan out meals on paper

[Side Note: creating a plan is hard work and a little intimidating!]

Measuring Stick
*Track weight
-Record weight every Friday
*Take Measurements
-Record measurements the 1st of every month
-1st measurements must be taken no later than Saturday
*Visual Aid
-Create workout/meal calendar: cross off days I workout/stick to diet

Bribery Never Hurt Anyone
-New dress pants
-New necklace
-New shirt
-Las Vegas clothes shopping trip

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