Sunday, June 20, 2010

Starlight Spectacular Bike Ride

Last weekend Josh, Ashley, Preston and I
participated in the Starlight Spectacular bike ride. We had no idea that 1800 people would show up to ride too... in the rain. The bike ride started at midnight. The 14 mile course took us about 2 hours to complete. Ashley ready to ride. Preston not sure what he is getting himself into... Ashley and I pre bike helmets... Us with the hot helmets. Josh duct taping the bike light to his bike. Ashley's thrift shopping and creative thinking paid off. She found us $2.50 bike lights compared to $20 lights. Preston trying to look extreme! Ready to ride. Rest stop #1 We had a great time riding together in the dark and the rain and creating everlasting memories... No one got bucked off their bike, but we had some close encounters! Ashley thought she was going over at least once if not twice. Preston was a mad man on his bike. Ashley and I swore he was secretly racing us. Ashley and Preston ran a red light, trying to catch up with Josh, while I stopped obediently at the light next to the cop. The pancakes at the end were worth the rain, the cold and the store butts!

If you live in the Springs and have never done this bike ride, you must put this on your Bucket List!

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