Saturday, June 12, 2010


I love music.
All type of music. But when it comes to my workout playlist I am very particular. My playlist consists of a variety of songs that inspire and motivate me past the pain and the I can'ts that constantly go through my head. Each song must have a fast tempo or sing-along/uplifting lyrics. When I say uplifting lyrics I am talking about Rage- Killing In The Name Of type lyrics. When the climax of the song amplifies through my headphones my heart starts thumping and my pace gets faster.

Another example of an emotion griping song is Lil Wayne- Drop The World. This will forever be my all time favorite workout song. The song's tempo is relatively slow, but the emotion Lil Wayne puts into the lyrics I'll pick the world up and drop it on your #$&@ head just gets me going.
 A great fast tempo song that I love is Fergie- Fergalicious. I also happen to like Beyonce- Sweet Dreams.

I am always looking for new songs that make my blood rush and my insides twist and turn. I love the rush that I get from a good song! On the other hand, nothing is worst than having a song come on in the middle of your workout that you have heard a million times. Instead of letting the beat and lyrics take you to the next level all you can think about is when is this damn song going to be over with and how many more miles do I have to go. This is why I am always looking for new songs.

What songs do you workout to?

Here is what is on my workout playlist right now:
Michael Jackson- Bad
Micheal Jackson- Beat It
Micheal Jackson-Billie Jean
Outkast- Bombs Over Bagdad (just added this today)
Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow
Carrie Underwood- Cowboy Casanova (undecided if this is upbeat enough)
Lil Wayne- Drop The World
Jay-Z- Empire State of Mind
Fergie- Fergalicious
Nas- Hip Hop Is Dead (undecided if this is upbeat enough)
50 Cent- In Da Club (just added this today)
Rage- Killing In The Name Of
Eminem- Lose Yourself
Eminem- Not Afraid
Usher- OMG
Rhianna- Rude Boy
David Guetta- Sexy Biotch
Kanye West- Stronger (on its way out)
CCR- Suzie Q (on its way out)
Beyonce- Sweet Dreams
Ke$ha- Tik Tok (on its way out)
Carried Underwood- Undo It

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