Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Weekend Adventure

Preston and I decided we couldn't wait two whole weeks for the lake. We thought we would try out Lake Meredith. We got our fishing poles ready, bought a fishing license and packed a cooler full of beer. With the dogs in tow we left early Saturday morning.

Preston & I pulled up to Meredith and immediately became enticed by the water. A wake boarders dream- calm, clear and lots of it.

Without even thinking twice (or realizing that there were no other boats insight) we set out to put our boat on the water. Next thing we know our boat, trailer and diesel truck is stuck in the mud in some very shallow water. Luckily some Chevy men pulled us out, while having a chuckle at our expense I am most positive.

We hightailed it out of Meredith, a little embarrassed, and headed over to Lake Henry. This time we preceded with caution and actually got in the water to test the depth. If it had not been for our mishap at Meredith I am sure we would have been enjoying a day of fishing and wake boarding on Lake Henry with only 2 other boats.

Instead we headed on down the road to La Junta and visited Preston's brother and family and hung out by their pool.

The highlight of my day was this very fascinating bait shop in Ordway, Colorado. They sold everything from chickens, to quail, to lamas, to goats to gold fish. Very country. Any where else this bait/animal store might have seemed out of place but in Ordway, Colorado it fit right in.

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