Friday, November 20, 2009

Life Happens

I just completed week 2 of P90X. Well... sort of. To be honest I skipped Yoga and I have not completed Kempo. Although I am mad at myself for not completing these two workouts, I have accepted that sometimes life just gets in the way. I had to make a decision as to what was more important and this week I chose friends and family. I am excited to get back on track and work really hard this coming week. I have not measured myself since I have started, but I can tell I am losing inches just by the way my clothes are fitting. I can't wait to post my 30 days pictures so you all can see my progress! Here is a quick overview of weeks 1-3 in the life of P90X: Day 1: Chest, Back & Ab Ripper X- mostly push ups, pull ups and abs Day 2: Plyo- intense cardio that is pretty similar to Insanity (heismans, tires, pond jumping, jump shots) Day 3: Shoulders, Arms & Ab Ripper X- here you mainly life weights working on various arm and shoulder muscles and of course abs Day 4: Yoga- advanced yoga positions, balancing positions and stretching Day 5: Legs, Back & Ab Ripper X- squats, wall squats, calf raises, pull ups and abs Day 6: Kempo- cardio with kickboxing moves Day 7: Rest! Keep bringing it everyone and remember that it is okay to miss a workout every once in awhile when something really important comes up in your life.

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