Monday, July 5, 2010


It's time to really hit the training hard. The Tri for the Cure is only 28 short days away... I am scared out of my mind. This is why... Ashley and I swam in the Pueblo Reservoir yesterday. It was a lot harder than I expected.

First of all the water was murky green and almost impossible to see through. The water was a little choppy. I couldn't swim in a straight line. I might have drank some before the swim which might have had something to do with the problem above. I became tired very quickly and had to stop multiple times. I had to switch between the free style and the frogy stroke more than once.

The Tri for the Cure updated their website to include a full training calendar. It is great information- just what Ashley and I have been looking for only... a couple of months late. Nonetheless, we are committed to following the workout regimen up until the race. I start Day 1 tomorrow. On the schedule is hills. To save time looking for the perfect hill I will be doing this on the treadmill utilizing the incline, which I rarely use. The workout should be interesting... Ashley did it Friday and said it was the hardest workout she has done in a long time not to mention that she almost puked! The goal is to do 8x1 minute hills at an incline of 10 with a 1 minute jog in between each hill. I will let you know if I survive! The scary part is this is probably the easiest workout on the calendar. I better get my mind set if I want to do this!

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